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Best boat names

I subscribe to a boating magazine called 'Good Old Boat'.

Recently they appealed for their readers to submit a favourite or funny boat name or story, or their least favourite, for the next up coming publication. I tend to rememeber boats better than people, but it did bring forth a memory of when I first started working in the marine industry.

The email came through and low and behold I was the lead article for this little section.

I guess that makes me a published man.

The one I did not submit to which the boat belongs to a good friend of mine (whom I helped teach to sail) was 'Hazelnut'. Now, not immediately funny to the eye but it had been given the nick name of 'Squirrel Shit' (born from a UK TV advert for a chocolate bar, and quickly adapted by children) to which I put forward to him as a replacemnt when he was looking for alternatives to re-name the vessel.

The name was rightly rejected but to this day even christened 'Endless Summer', he still refers to the boat when upset or annoyed to do with some thing marine related as...... "Endless Bummer', 'god damn Squirrel Shit'!

Below is the screen shot of my little piece.

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