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Rig Surveying

Always Prepared

You are being prepared for a journey: a timely tune-up, or, an insurance appraisal, or perhaps the end of season lay-up before winter or hurricane season. Hurricane Irma brought winds gusting up to 220mph, the result of which 99% of the standing rigs and mast were lost here in the BVI. Your rig should not be overlooked.

The smallest of details can literally make or break a journey. The rig survey covers all running and standing rig. The report presented to an insurance company can make assurances to the current condition.

It can be the piece of mind you where looking for, before heading out to sea.

It is recognized within the survey, and the insurance industry's that when your standing rigging reaches ten years of age, the standing rig should be considered for replacement. Further investigation may be required, and some companies will even insist on x-raying the main components, which can be an additional expense.  
It is additionally recommended that every five years, the mast should be unstepped for full ground inspection. 
When was the last check-up for you?

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